Why You’re Here

You Need Help In Gaining Or Retaining A Clearance

It’s probably not exaggerating to say that less than 1% of people understand the security process. Byzantine is a term that could be applied without being accused of exaggeration. It is complex, constantly changing, and tightening up every year as new security threats arise.

You have received a job offer that is contingent on gaining a clearance.

You have some issues in your background that need to be addressed. You want help in making sure that your SF86 security clearance application gets you a clearance the first time. You want to avoid any complications to starting your job.

Your Security Clearance is threatened in one of a variety of ways.

You’ve received interrogatories, or a Letter Of Intent to Deny or Revoke. You must defend yourself in a Hearing or Appearance. You need a security clearance lawyer to fight for your clearance.

You’ve had a Security Clearance revoked and are ready to reapply.

You’ve mitigated the issues that caused revocation. You’ve waited a year to reapply. You’ve received a job offer that’s contingent on having a clearance. You want to have legal help on your side as you reapply for a clearance.

You believe there is a mistake in your Joint Personal Adjudicative System Report (JPAS).

You need help in getting a copy of your JPAS and addressing any mistakes or problems in the record.

What Our Clients Say

I cannot thank you enough for providing your expertise and promptly turning your attention to my matter. Your assistance was invaluable and I cannot thank you enough. Should I come across someone who encounters a similar circumstance as I did and wants assistance, I will absolutely recommend your services. I am very grateful that there are resources such as yourself to provide guidance and support through this process. Again, thank you and I will keep in touch!